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Lydia Smit


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Lydia is our Miss New Zealand 2022 and represented us at Miss International. Here, she placed in the Top 15 and was also awarded the title of Miss International Oceania. She was both a mentor and judge throughout our 2023 competition and is excited to continue her journey as a mentor in the future. The ultimate all rounder, Lydia is a project manager for a digital agency and spends her days organising and building businesses with her team. She is a passionate mental health advocate and focused on this throughout her reign.

Meet the Team

Meghan Kenney

National Director


Meghan is a previous titleholder. Having placed 1st Runner Up in 2017 she went on to represent New Zealand at Miss Grand International and Miss Intercontinental. She has been the manager for a number of years and has now stepped into the role of National Director. She is 27 years old, a trained dancer, and although she studied Mechanical Engineering she now travels for half the year and dedicates herself to Miss New Zealand for the other half, having also  opened a side business, The Pageant Store, that provides National Costumes, coaching and photography.

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Jessica Tyson



Jess is a previous titleholder as both Miss International and Miss World New Zealand - she went on to place Top 6 at Miss World and was crowned Miss World Oceania. One of her biggest achievements was founding Brave NZ - which aims to raise awareness about sexual violence among youth in Aotearoa and provide the appropriate tools and support to young people affected by sexual harm. She is a reporter with Te Ao with Moana and was on Celebrity Treasure Island. Jess has a busy schedule but loves to help out with Miss NZ by providing guidance and mentorship when she can.

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Rose & Desmond Foulger

Franchise Holders

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Rose and Desmond Foulger are the Franchise Holders and take on more of a supervising role.

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